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EDITORIAL | Vegan protests badly miss the mark

Let’s put it into perspective. While our oceans are choking from unrelenting plastic waste, people are going crook about society farming animals. With threats of mass extinctions of rare plants and creatures, some believe the biggest issue worth protesting about is whether the next-door neighbour is barbecuing a few snags. Despite a combination of environmental […]

EDITORIAL | Turning up heat to fight black dog

Mental illness has many guises. It can surface as a mild, creeping sense of foreboding or develop as a serious debilitating condition as well as everything in between. For the average person blessed in never having this cloud or shadow hanging over the shoulder or ‘black dog’ snapping at the heels, it can be incredibly […]

EDITORIAL | Labor enters into a Mallee fight

The announcement of a Labor candidate for the federal electorate of Mallee represents a critical piece of a regional voting jigsaw puzzle. With National, Liberal, minor party and independent candidates having all put up their hands to contest the historically safe conservative seat, Labor had been the missing element. Now, as we track towards a […]

EDITORIAL | Remember… we are one

There has been so much commentary and sadness in the wake of the horrendous hate crime and shooting tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealand, there seems little more to say while remaining objective. What we know is that New Zealand is so close to Australia, historically, culturally, socially and geographically, that the mass murder might as […]

EDITORIAL | Loaded landlines put people at risk

There was a time when a ring coming in to a household landline telephone generated a sense of expectation and above all, curiosity. Who could it be ringing us? Relatives or friends primed for a chat, a business returning a call, perhaps an essential service informing us or following up with information we were seeking? […]

EDITORIAL: Ready to relive good old pub rock

It is hard to describe with any real accuracy the atmosphere surrounding the Australian pub-rock music era to emerging generations. It was a time when noisy and exuberant contemporary music, dominated by guitars and drums, ventured beyond halls into hotels and similar venues and became part of weekend life. Fuelled by enthusiastic young musical hopefuls […]

EDITORIAL | Reaping benefits from homegrown projects

Confirmation of a project likely to add an extra string to the Wimmera’s agricultural bow is an example of how a simple idea can blossom into something worthwhile. Horsham will soon be the Australian home of a protein-powder manufacturing plant and the region will be exporting yet another fresh and highly valuable product to the […]

EDITORIAL | It’s all in the detail

It’s been a fascinating experiment! And we remain unsure what it tells us about society. The Weekly Advertiser is on the hunt for a new marketing account manager, a position requiring a person with skill, initiative and, importantly, an eye for detail. Getting the message out to the right people is an age-old challenge for […]

EDITORIAL | Riding the waves of water supply

If we ever needed to galvanise a belief that our part of the world is primed for growth, we need only consider the role access to water is playing across the region. The reality is that construction of the Wimmera-Mallee Pipeline, which replaced the vast and clever but incredibly wasteful open-channel system, opened a new […]

EDITORIAL | Get moving on highway project

Waiting, waiting, waiting! Anyone who travels regularly through the region on the Western Highway would understand the frustration of motorists using this busy corridor. If you are heading west from Melbourne towards the South Australian border, the drive is a comfortable dual-carriageway cruise – until just before Ararat. If you are heading east from the […]


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