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EDITORIAL | We must make most of low cash rate

There are many of us who blink vaguely and ‘turn off’ or use the opportunity to get up and make a cup a tea when the evening news switches to the market report. While enthusiastic household traders keenly soak up the information presented through graphs and speculative assessment, others stare in a state of disinterest, […]

Emma Kealy : Matters of public importance – Education Funding

Matters of public importance – Education Funding Victorian Parliament – 5 June 2019 – Ms KEALY (Lowan) (15:03:21): It is fantastic to be able to make a contribution to today’s matter of public importance regarding investment in the education sector. I feel like there has been some duplicitous— A member interjected. Ms KEALY: It is […]

EDITORIAL | Let’s all foster this opportunity

Wimmera people need to take heed of the success of a Heartland Horsham event last weekend and what it and other similar events could help lever for the region. Heartland Horsham, which took its inspiration from a former Yarrilinks concept, was about providing a chance for people from diverse backgrounds to get together and work […]

EDITORIAL | Affordable power supply is critical

The onset of bitterly cold conditions across the region in the past week has provided us with a stark reminder of how important it is for people to be able to afford to stay warm. Debates about the cost of electricity, gas and power in general occur ad nauseam. But it is when the cold […]

EDITORIAL | Leaders must work together

When new Member for Mallee Anne Webster gets a chance in the future to look back on her legacy, she might reflect on how well she was able to work with the State Government as well as her supporters, party faithful and partners. Dr Webster confronts a double-edged sword. As a Nationals representative she enters […]

Over to you… voters

Andrew Coustley pre-polling for the Federal Election.

‘Because I like her’, ‘because I like him’ and ‘ I dunno!’ That was the depth of reasoning three grinning first-time Wimmera voters provided when randomly asked at an early election polling booth why they had voted a particular way. The response from the teenagers, while far from unexpected, provided insight into how different motivations […]

EDITORIAL | We can solve this mess

Finding an answer to the plastic-waste issue appears as daunting as the mountains of rubbish growing daily. The unfolding pollution problem caused by minimal-use disposable plastics, which has been occurring for years, is now capturing plenty of attention. It has also led to the concept of recycling, which in only a couple of decades grew […]

EDITORIAL | Get ready for the blah, blah, blah!

As we head towards another Federal Election, be prepared to hear more terms such as ‘we need to do this for our kids and grandkids’. Political spruiking, usually with good intent, tends to zero in on all the good things that will happen in the future if voters back a cause based on long-term plans. […]

EDITORIAL | Have fun but always be safe

We welcome reports of people being well behaved as they soaked up some of the region’s great attractions during the Easter break. Having respect for each other is critical in ensuring everyone can happily visit or explore the region and-or get involved in the various festivals, carnivals and events that unfold during the long weekend. […]

EDITORIAL | Election: it’s all about population

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but the biggest issue for both Mallee and Wannon electorates in the approaching federal election is population. Snore, snore, snore! Fair enough, the subject is starting to get boring considering all the important services we need in our part of the world. But without population – basically, people […]


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