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FINANCE | Good debt, bad debt

By the end of 2018 Australia had, relative to the size of its overall economy, one of the highest levels of household debt in the world. At 127 percent of Gross Domestic Product, GDP, our household debt, as a percentage of GDP, had nearly doubled over the past 20 years. So, are Australian households groaning […]

FINANCE: Let’s get started

Far from being the realm of the rich, building an investment portfolio is something most people can do. It can start as a simple savings plan – a few dollars in the bank – before expanding into a diversified portfolio containing a range of asset classes. Getting started mighty be easier than you think, so […]

FINANCE | Navigating super

If the ins and outs of superannuation leave you confused, the answers to these frequently asked questions will help you understand the basics. How much do I need to retire? According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, ASFA, a couple requires savings of $640,000 if they wish to enjoy a ‘comfortable’ lifestyle in […]

FINANCE | It’s time to put your mind at rest

Personal insurances are designed to provide protection from the financial consequences of death or disability. They form an important part of most financial plans. Following, in brief, is how they work. Types of personal insurance Life insurance: This pays a lump sum benefit if you die. Total and permanent disability insurance: This pays a lump […]

FINANCE | Plan now for a positive future

Many of us would like to think that ‘older’ means ‘wiser’, but when it comes to money that isn’t always the case. The complexity of Australia’s superannuation system doesn’t help. There are common mistakes that retiring and retired Australians make. What are those mistakes and how might you avoid them? Underestimating how much you need […]

FINANCE | Retirement: It’s time to get busy

Many people eagerly anticipate retirement. Others view its approach with trepidation, worried over how they will fill their days. Australians are living longer and it’s not unreasonable to assume you will be retired for 20 or 30 years. Not sure how you’ll fill all those days? We have a few ideas to kick-start your new […]

FINANCE | Making interest-free deals work for you

They have been around for decades, but interest-free deals can still be confusing and costly when managed incorrectly. Excitable advertising can make these offers almost too good to refuse, particularly with longer terms applying to higher levels of finance. For example, to get five years’ interest-free on purchases from some retailers, the minimum spend is […]

FINANCE: Super rollercoaster

If you pay close attention to the value of your superannuation fund, and if, like most people, your money is spread across the main investment classes, you would have noticed that your retirement savings can both rise – and fall – in value. This can lead to nervous times, particularly if you are close to […]

FINANCE: Be wary – it’s too good to be true

Just as financial products and systems are becoming more complex, so are the scams that are being inflicted upon the investing public. The financial scams being promoted, especially over the internet, have become as sophisticated as the clients they are attempting to woo. The word ‘Ponzi’ has been splashed across newspaper headlines in recent years, […]

FINANCE: Paying after the holiday is over

The holidays are over and you have had a great time. The dreaded credit card statement has arrived and you wonder how you’re going to pay it off. Happy holiday memories vanish into thin air. Unfortunately, there are no magic ways to wipe out debts – it just takes discipline. Paying off credit card debt […]


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