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Seasonal closures for Grampians roads, tracks

Tracks and roads in state parks and forests across the Wimmera will temporarily close during winter and spring as part of an annual driver-safety and road-damage-prevention program.
 Grampians forest and fire operations manager Peter Kambouris said main closures for the 2019 seasonal road closure period started last Thursday.
“Seasonal closures are an important procedure during winter and spring and deliver a two-fold environmental and safety benefit,” he said.
“This program helps limit the damage to forest roads and tracks during the wet season and in doing so, ensures dangerous and difficult to negotiate sections of road are closed off from motorists.
“These measures also help maintain water quality in rivers, creeks and reservoirs by reducing the amount of erosion and silt washed away from roads and tracks.
“We encourage the social and recreational use of Victoria’s beautiful natural resources, including four-wheel driving, but some sections of the forest road network would rapidly disintegrate if opened for the entire year. An initial road-closure period started on May 1.”
Mr Kambouris said additional roads closed in the Wimmera included –
Youngs State Forest: Youngs No.1 Track, Youngs No. 2 Track and un-named track.
Meereek State Forest: Anthony Waits Road, Archers Track, Content Track, Lamsheds Road, Mosquito Creek Track, Pink Gum Track, Poolaigelo Lane and Waits Track.
Durong State Forest: Bogalara Shortcut Track, Malcolm’s Track, Durong No. 2 Track, Spoolies Track and Warners Track.
Burns State Forest: Burns No. 1 Track, Burns No 3 Track and Burns No 8 Track.
Bogalara State Forest: Bogalara No. 1 Track, Bogalara No. 4 Track, Bogalara No. 6 Track and two un-named tracks.
Mr Kambouris said Forest Fire Management Victoria consulted stakeholders, including Four Wheel Drive Victoria, to identify sections of the road network which required closures.
“Most of the roads and tracks will be re-opened on October 13, but the closure period can be extended if the conditions demand it,” he said.

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Posted on Jun 19 2019

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