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EDITORIAL | Leaders must work together

Dean Lawson Editorial Nov 2017

When new Member for Mallee Anne Webster gets a chance in the future to look back on her legacy, she might reflect on how well she was able to work with the State Government as well as her supporters, party faithful and partners.
Dr Webster confronts a double-edged sword.
As a Nationals representative she enters federal politics having an advantage in being part of a new Coalition government and in a region already home to strong state Coalition colleagues Emma Kealy and Louise Staley.
But at the same time, she takes the reins at a federal level while a staunch Labor government holds power in Victoria.
And even at this early stage after the Federal Election, we have seen old fractures opening in the relationship between state and federal governments. That’s concerning.
Anyone who has spent any length of time living in the vast region that encompasses the Wimmera, Mallee and Grampians fringe, would realise that most game-changing projects need support through all levels of government.
We need, especially in this part of the world, governments, regardless of their persuasion, to more regularly put petty philosophical differences aside to work collaboratively for the good of everyone.
This is not about putting the metaphorical swords down – there is always a need for a good political stoush and a need for accountability.
It is more about avoiding the dogma of one-upmanship and maintaining a clear vision that promotes progress, growth and security.
Water pipeline projects are prime examples of some of the big-impact infrastructure developments where governments have shared the load.
The evolving Grampians Peaks Trail is also on this list and, if we look closely enough, there are plenty of others.
We not only need this partnership to continue, we need confidence from the likes of Dr Webster, returned Member for Wannon Dan Tehan and our state representatives that everyone, in the end, can work together.

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