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LETTER: Nectarines or whale?

SIR, – J. McInerney gave an unusual argument against veganism in The Weekly Advertiser letters to the editor, April 24.
He wrote that some people cannot eat processed meat because of their health, and also that Arctic people eat only meat.
I understand there’s near-consensus among the medical community that processed meat is bad for health.
Those wishing to avoid it along with ‘fake meat’, would find a wide range of food to replace it in a vegan diet should they choose that way of eating.
Protein is no issue – where do cows get their protein, after all?
People living off the land in the Arctic eat only meat due to environmental constraints.  I’m sure they’d love to eat grains and vegetables too, if they could grow there. 
In Australia, we are lucky to have a massive range of food choices so an Arctic diet is not relevant here, nor recommended due to deficiencies likely from eating only meat.
Where would you rather get your vitamin C – from nice juicy nectarines, or from beluga whale skin?
A. Carpenter

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Posted on May 8 2019

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