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LETTER: Playing us for fools

SIR, – The recent Federal Budget announced $210,000,000 of road spending in Mallee.
But really what was announced? A $60-million commitment for the Stawell to South Australian border upgrade is welcome.
But Nationals advertisements claiming a ‘$1-billion’ spend in Mallee already includes $50-million for the same project.
So how much of that $60-million in the budget is new money? We need to be told.
Another $60-million was pre-announced for the Swan Hill bridge, but when will that be spent? As it stands, despite years of discussions, there is no definitive site yet.
How you feel about an unelected member of the public announcing how your taxes will be spent rather than your elected representative is for you to decide.
In The Age newspaper on April 15 Shane Wright wrote ‘$360-million duplication of the Western Highway between Ararat and Stawell will have to wait until 2026-27 before it is finished’.
That’s a minimum three Federal elections away. Yet in the Nationals’ election advertising they have seen fit to load the full $500,000,000 Federal Government commitment to the 123 kilometres of a Ballarat to Stawell upgrade onto the last 15kms of the road.
That section of road was, but is no longer in Mallee and they claim it has been ‘delivered’.
Presumably, they think we take everything they say as gospel and don’t bother to check.
They are playing us for fools and until now they’ve got away with it.
That’s why this election I am working for and will vote one for Ray Kingston, independent for Mallee.
He delivers – the Silo Art trail is an example. He is honest, conscientious and he’s a good bloke.
He wants a better Mallee for his kids and grandkids and so should you, even if that means changing the voting habits of a lifetime.
Dave Lennon

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Posted on Apr 24 2019

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